I am a contemporary realist painter working mainly in oils. I also enjoy creating drawings in graphite and charcoal.

I studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and worked as a freelance graphic designer until 2013, when I decided to focus full-time on fine arts. Currently, I live in Richmond, Virginia. My paintings and drawings can be viewed in person at Eric Schindler Gallery in the historic Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond. You can also aquire my art through Conde Contemporary, Florida. My work has received several awards and has been published in the Artist’s Magazine, Drawing Magazine, The Strokes of Genius and Poets and Artists publications. I can be also found at my regularly updated Instagram account where I curate over 12,000 followers.

I am interested in a broad spectrum of themes and subjects in my art. I feel drawn to the landscape around me and try to capture the essence of the place, the moment, the feeling. Another idea that I am following is the human subject with all the emotion, meaning and importance that only the human form can carry. 

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