Uncommon Ground - Endeavor at Black Iris Gallery

30 artists have been paired together by Endeavor Gallery to create unreleased new work for this Collaboration Exhibition at Black Iris Gallery, and I am very happy to be a part of it and create a painting together with the artist Diego Sanchez.

This exhibition is on display July 5 - 27 at Black Iris Gallery
- 321 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA -

From the organizers: “With ‘Uncommon Ground,’ we aim to lay a bedrock for artists to collaborate with other creatives, brands, products and organizations to facilitate a lush qualitative cultural foundation for our many diverse communities. Let this be the first of many and declare proudly that we as artists don’t always have to do it alone. That in fact, we can help each other collectively work towards our goals make a space where the success of each other is worthy of celebration!”